3 Parenting Tips from Someone With Experience

Good Parenting Tips You Should Know

No two moms can raise their children the same way, and it is good to understand that no ones way is bad. The best thing you can do right now is STOP looking at other moms to see what they are doing and take a good look at you and what it is you do.

The first thing would be to accept that you are as much as a daughter, woman, human, mother as well as a sister. For you to be able to pass two very important values to your children such as acceptance and self-love,you should be able to have them first. The first thing to do is therefore to be as happy as you are.

Have affirmations on slips of paper. I want you to write down what is that you think make an extraordinary mom. This tip involves you writing down those affirmations and placing them on strategic places where you can look at them each day and read them. The key to you being the extraordinary mom you already are is that you have to believe it about yourself. To gro this confidence, the affirmations shall come in handy.

Secret to being successful in being an extraordinary mom is to make sure that you celebrate each milestone that your baby takes. Most of the times, Mom’s become sidetracked and fail to notice the magical moments that happen.

The other good thing to do is to make sure that you keep a journal of all the special moments that the baby has had and make it a point of focusing on new experience. Perhaps one days you’ll write about how delighted your baby was with a new food they ate, and perhaps another day you’ll reflect on how much patience you felt you showed during a tough moment.

Make sure that you pamper yourself regularly. You spend so much time doing things for everyone else, it is time that you do something for you. All of us moms are guilty of this.

sometimes when mothers spend on themselves they end up feeling guilty for doing this as they think they should have shopped for the children or husband. It is good to keep in mind that nothing can go by just giving yourself thirty minutes to yourself. Get a facial, take a bath, go tanning, buy a new lotion, paint your toenails! No one can really take care of other people instead of taking care of themselves.

Tip Five:Ask for help. Most of us think that asking for help is a sign of weakness. However, asking for help just shows strength. Of importance, it is important and healthy to ask for help. Being able to admit that you are not perfect and can’t do everything all on your own, is extraordinary.

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