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A Short Guide to 4k TV In the digital world that we live in today, upgrades are always coming. You cannot find an electronic device that will not have an upgrade in a year or less. However, if upgrades for an electronic device are not soon coming you can well say that in a matter of months that device will become obsolete. Because of this face the rise in electronic devices and technology has been tremendous. You will see upgrades almost every month at times. And, there is no leaving behind TV screens. TV screen upgrades have also been seen since the technology boom a few years back. TV screens used to be tube screens that were quite dangerous when it came to radiation. Soon enough, tube TVs were replaced with LED screens and other types of screens which were safer to use. Screen resolution was not so good before and so there was a need to upgrade this quickly too. There was no better TV screen that the one with a 720 p resolution many years ago. This was upgraded to 1080 p TV resolution which was a far better one than the 720 p. The numbers 720 and 1080 simply represents the number of pixels condensed on a TV screen. This means that if the TV has 1080 p resolution, there are 1080 pixels aligned vertically. This figure however does not consider the pixels that are aligned horizontally.
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When 2k entered the market, it was a time when the 1080 p was thought to be the best TV resolution for watching. What 2k did was to take the market by storm and so every 1080 p screen was being exchanged for a 2k resolution TV. Even advertisement screens and screens used in business were required 2k resolution screens. 2k screen resolution TVs are now all over the place and can be found almost anywhere.
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It has not yet been long since the release of yet another TV screen resolution. The 4k resolution TV screen is now available in the market today and if you are purchasing a TV today, you can now get this kind of TV which is also the most expensive resolution TV out there. The 4k screen resolution is now the in thing and people are racing to get one before anyone else does. 4k resolution TV screens are said to cost more than a brand new SUV! If you don’t believe then take a trip to your local TV shop and find out for yourself. 4k TV screens are the latest and the greatest TV screens as we speak, but in just a few months or even weeks from now, you could be seeing 6k screens and possibly even 10k screens. People may ask the question, “Where will it end?”. It will not end but may take a different course. Today it is about getting larger, maybe someday it will be about getting smaller.

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