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How to Choose a Ghillie Suit

So you would like to buy a ghillie suit? Probably one of your friend has one, and you have been told that suits are the ultimate in camouflage apparel. You would like to find out more before you jump in and buy one. If so, you have come to the appropriate place.

The most popular uses of ghillie suits is in paint-balling and hunting. You must be careful about selecting the correct suit, although the suit is great for both tasks.

It’s a fact, hunters differ from paintballers in several aspects. Hunters will be sited perfectly still for hours, awaiting their match to appear within the range of their vicinity. For this purpose, ghillie suits don’t need to provide a vast amount of mobility, and should be warm and waterproof. Complete, body-length ghillie suits are best for the patient hunter.

In summary for evaluation purposes ghillie suits come down to three attributes: size, weight, and material. The decision of what suit best fits you will rely on yourself, although this informative article outlined the basics of selecting the most appropriate ghillie suit for the job. Because of this, the rest of the article will be dedicated on analyzing the three unique attributes.

Size as a factor should always be put into consideration. The bigger the ghillie suit, the better the concealment. Size is the number one factor in limiting movement, so the larger the suit, the slower you have the ability to react. Sniper and the hunter, or maybe a paintballer having a dislike of too much running around, would probably opt for a bigger suit. Paintballers, and impatient hunters commandos would settle for smaller ghillie suits.

Weight is based upon the conditions of usage and endurance of the person, as well as the stamina. For instance, hunting season opens throughout the fall, when the mercury is starting to drop along with snow and the rain. One who intends to stand for long hours might want something waterproof, warm, and heavy. A summer paintballer will choose his ghillie suit predicated largely on his resistance to heat. Likewise, the thicker and heavier the suit, the hotter, however it also absorbs the paintballs much better as compared to a lighter ghillie suit.

Lastly is the material. The firm, watertight material will keep you dry and warm, good for any hunter or sniper, but it is poor and breathable in the heat, noisy during movement for infantryman or any paintballer. By tangling bits and pieces in the material, the mesh enables the sniper or the hunter to blend properly with the surrounding vegetation. Moreover, it is mild and allows freedom of motion. But it offers very little protection against paintballs or the elements, and can become entangled with vegetation that’s still rooted firmly in the ground. This isn’t good for those trying a high-speed escape.

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