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What Can an Alachua Bail Agent Do for You?

Whether you are innocent or guilty but if you have run into trouble with the government, you might be facing jail time and it can be the most stressful time of your life. While you are still under hearing you are still considered not guilty until proven otherwise so you may be released out of jail. But before you may be free of custody for the time being, the judge may order you to provide some form of security that you will face your charges. This security is formally named a bail bond. Alachua bail bonds can be turned over to the court in many forms but usually it is in the form of cash. Other forms include property or a through a surety agent posting bail for the defendant.

Moving on, bail bonds are agreed upon in a formal hearing called bail hearing. Many considerations will be deliberated during this meeting so the judge can decide the type of bail that is appropriate. The court will definitely want to know, among others, who will post the bail for the defendant, the defendant’s source of finances or properties or any collateral that will be used. If the bail will be posted by a bail agent, that person should also attend the hearing.

That said, there are defendants who need some help in posting bail. An Alachua bail agent knows that there are defendants who could use his or her help. This person can get that person out of jail and it is easier than most people thing. Should a bail agent be needed, the parties involved must know who this process works.

To settle a bail, you have to find a Alachua bail agent to explain everything. To speed things up, be sure to have full identification and be prepared to provide all the necessary details that the agent may ask of you. When all the requirements are met, the bondsman will seek for a 10 percent deposit. The bondsman will ask for this deposit upfront but it is just a small fraction compared to the full amount the court has ordered as the bail. The agent of the surety company will seek collateral. Here, the process is almost finished and you can soon be released from custody until the next hearing. The whole process can take just a few hours.

As you can see the bail bondsman or the surety company is risking a lot to get you out of jail so it is important that you have his or her full confidence before he pays the bail for you. It must be noted as well that if the defendant violates the conditions set by the court, the court can revoke his bail.

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